OGP Global Summit 2021

In Seoul und digital OGP Global Summit 2021

  • Seoul, Südkorea
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Seongsan Brücke in Seoul, Republik Korea bei Nacht fotografiert

Seongsan Brücke in Seoul, Republik Korea

Foto: Nutzer Travelordiented, CC BY SA (flickr.com/photos/traveloriented/14879843793 )

Aktualisierung vom 16. September 2021: Die Gipfel-Website ist nun online, mit ersten Informationen zum Gipfel, der primär digital stattfinden wird.

Zusätzliche Information: Wissenschaftliches Symposium Begleitprogramm 15.-19. Dezember.

Ankündigung der OGP:  The Republic of Korea will host the 2021 Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit in Seoul and virtually from December 13-17, 2021.
The 2021 OGP Global Summit will mark OGP’s 10th anniversary and will galvanize the open government community with fresh energy, political commitment, evidence, and support to build a stronger global movement for open government and democracy. OGP Global Summit themes will be aligned with the current Co-Chair Priorities: anti-corruption, digital innovation and governance, and public participation and civic space. 
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to influence our day-to-day lives and many of our community members may not be able to gather in-person in Seoul. As a result, we are prioritizing virtual participation and welcome creative ideas on how we can best facilitate access and inclusivity to engage a broader community.
Details regarding the Summit format, registration, call for proposals for the agenda, and more will be announced in the coming months.


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