Government representatives posing for a group picture at the OGP Global Summit 2019 in Ottawa

Group picture OGP Global Summit 2019

Photo: Open Government Partnership

With a delegation led by Minister of State Dorothee Bär, Federal Government Commissioner for Digital Affairs, Germany was a guest at the 6th OGP Global Summit in Ottawa, Canada. The delegation consisted of colleagues from the Federal Chancellery, the Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, the Federal Ministry for Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety as well as the head of Germany's national data portal Govdata .

The summit brought 2200 participants from over 130 countries together to discuss across over 120 events how open government could for example contribute to improving inclusion and participation, assist in fighting corruption or shape the digital transformation to benefit citizens.

Picture of Joyce Murray and Dorothee Bär

Joyce Murray and Dorothee Bär

Photo: Government of Canada

The Government of Canada, host and then-chair of the OGP, offered not just an insight into their own efforts in making the business of government more participatory and innovative, but also displayed through impressive cultural presentations how it tackles challenges in inclusion, gender and digitization. Prime Minister Trudeau opened the Summit, which took place for the 6th time since the OGP's founding in 2011.

Panoramic picture of the Museum of National History in Ottawa Canada taken from the opposite side of the river


Photo: CC-0

The German delegation exchanged ideas with representatives of various partner countries, for example the colleagues from South Korea, France, Argentina (current chair of the OGP) and Norway. Bilateral talks on the ministerial level and joining a session of the OGP's steering committee (in an observatory role, Germany joins it in October), were part of the program, as was a visit at Canada Digital Services, an innovation unit of the Government of Canada.

Minister of State Dorothee Bär spoke about the importance of collaboration between democracies world wide in the context of digital transformation in an interview she gave at the summit (see video ).

For some impressions, see Summit highlight videos of day 1 (Video on Twitter ) and day 2 (Video on Twitter ), session recordings on the OGP's Youtube-channel(Link ) as well as the over 45.000 social media posts hashtagged #OGPCanada that add to the Summit documentation.

Picture (above): Minister Bär with the other ministers and heads of delegation of the OGP's steering committee (Source ). Picture (middle): Joyce Murray, Secretary of the Treasury Board and Minister for Digitization after a conversation with Ministerin Bär (Source ).