Screenshot showing Beate Lohmann giving a speech

Screenshot: Talk by Beate Lohmann

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On December 7, 2016, the Federal Minister of the Interior, Dr. Thomas de Maizière, announced the beginning of Germany’s participation in the Open Government Partnership (OGP). We are very glad to be part of this initiative and we are looking forward to an active exchange of ideas on how to serve citizens better and strengthen institutions.

First of all I want to thank all the organizers of the OGP Global Summit, especially the representatives of the Government of France, the OGP Support Unit and our colleagues at the OECD, for a truly inspirational event. One very crucial element of Open Government was a central theme at the OGP Global Summit: When citizens, businesses and government work together to deal with societal challenges, our democracies are able to achieve great things. The spirit of cooperation is not just mere pragmatism; it is the essence of Open Government, which is about far more than just transparency......

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