Former French President Hollande accepting the German letter of intent to join the OGP from former Federal Minister of the Interior de Maizière. Also on stage is the former Co-Chair Bapna. Picture from the OGP Global Summit 2016 in Paris

Former French President Hollande, former Federal Minister of the Interior de Maizière & former Co-Chair Bapna - OGP Global Summit 2016, Paris

Photo: CC-0

Representing Germany’s Federal Chancellor at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Paris, the Federal Minister of the Interior, Dr. Thomas de Maizière, today announced Germany’s participation in the OGP initiative. French President François Hollande had invited government representatives from all over the world to attend the summit. The Open Government Partnership is an initiative supported by 71 states to promote open government and modern administration. Cooperation in this forum focuses on transparent processes, civil society engagement and the use of new technologies to meet the challenges of today’s societies.

""Our democracies derive their strength first and foremost from our ability to listen. Open and constructive cooperation between government and citizens: I believe that is the essence of open government. With our commitment to open government we make an important contribution to more transparency, more participation and more innovation, be it in order to strengthen civic engagement, promote the use of new technologies or meet security needs. Germany’s participation in the OGP is an important step on this path"", Federal Minister de Maizière stated.

Already when adopting the coalition agreement, the German government parties had agreed on Germany’s participation in the Open Government Partnership. Today’s declaration by the Federal Minister of the Interior marks the beginning of the Federal Government‘s commitment to regularly draw up action plans. These action plans will contain different measures to be taken in a broad range of policy areas on a variety of forward-looking topics such as Open Data. Civil society will be asked to participate in discussing and accompanying these measures to trigger learning processes, build trust and make reform projects visible.

Source: Original press release