The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an international initiative to promote  open government and its pillars of transparency, collaboration, participation and accountability. It was founded in 2011 and currently counts 79 countries as participants. Germany joined in 2016.

Staatspräsident Hollande und Bundesinnenminister de Maizière

Hollande, de Maizière & Bapna - OGP Global Summit 2016, Paris

Foto: CC-0

Germany announced its participation in the OGP in December 2016 at the OGP Global Summit in Paris. A first National Action Plan was adopted in August 2017 and is currently being implemented. Accordingly, the participatory process for crafting a second NAP is starting in March 2019. Responsible for the coordination of Germany’s activities in the framework of its participation in the OGP is the Federal Chancellory.

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Responsible for this website, and the coordination of the OGP-process in Germany, is the Federal Chancellery, division "Digital State". For further information please contact ogp@bk.bund.de

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